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With Victoria Kane

Victoria Kane is an education consultant, teacher, and tutor. She attended Tulane University, where she graduated summa cum laude with a major in philosophy and a minor in English. After college, Victoria went to Tufts University where she received an MA in philosophy. During graduate school she worked as a teaching assistant at Tufts and Harvard. She has been working with students for a decade. 


Soon after graduating from Tufts, Victoria moved to Shanghai to work for an American-owned education consulting company. There, she mastered the ins and outs of the college application process, working one-to-one with students applying to colleges and universities. Victoria's students have been accepted at schools including Cornell, Babson, Tufts, UCLA, Wesleyan, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, University of Wisconsin, Duke, Northwestern, Bryn Mawr, and Colgate. 


Founder of Kane Education LLC, Victoria now works with students of all ages providing college counseling, independent school consulting, tutoring, and homeschooling. Although based in Massachusetts, Victoria has also worked remotely with students in New York, Montana, California, Puerto Rico, Canada, Denmark, the UK, and China. 

College Counseling

For students and their families at any point in the college application process. Meet with me to discuss overall strategies, techniques, and tips to create your best possible applications. We can discuss any of the following topics: 

Where and when to begin the process

How to create a well-balanced list of schools

Suggestions on where to apply 

Applying early decision and early action

Brainstorming topics for the personal statement 

Advice on standardized testing

Who to ask for recommendations 




60 Minute - Initial Meeting


​In our first session, we will discuss the student’s overall academic goals and preferences for colleges and develop a personalized plan for the application process. I will also address any specific questions or concerns the student or the parents have. In a follow up session, I can check in with the student to see how the process is going, provide further advice, and answer any additional questions. 



Follow-up Meeting

$95 - 30 Minutes

In a follow up session, I can check in with the student to see how the process is going, provide further advice, and answer any additional questions. 


Application Writing Support

Writing support, feedback, and coaching for the writing portion of the college application, including the personal statement and supplemental essays for individual schools. Writing support includes an initial brainstorming session, additional check-ins, as well as extensive feedback on multiple drafts of essays. 


Personal Statement Support


I can help you brainstorm, draft, and polish an excellent personal statement. In our first 60 minute session, we will look at successful personal statements together and discuss what makes a great essay and go over general tips and advice. We will also brainstorm topics for your own personal statement or go over a draft you already have. I will put together a writing schedule for you and will provide feedback on multiple drafts of your personal statement until it is finalized. Throughout the process, we will have an additional 30 minute check-in meeting.




Personal Statement and 4 Schools 


This includes all of the services in the Personal Statement Support, plus writing support for supplemental essays for up to 4 schools. We will have an additional 60 minute session to brainstorm ideas for the supplemental essays. I will provide feedback on multiple drafts of the supplemental essays until they are finalized. 



Full Service College Consulting

Contact us

We will work together on the entire college application process, from putting together a list of schools to preparing for interviews. We will meet remotely several times to set goals and check in. I will also be available to answer any questions throughout the process via phone or email. The main services include:

An initial meeting to set up a personalized plan and timeline for the application process

Creating a well-balanced list of schools, including advice on where to apply early decision, early decision II, and early action

Brainstorming ideas for the personal statement and all supplemental essays (for up to 15 schools)

Creating a writing schedule for the personal statement and all supplemental essays 

Providing extensive feedback on multiple drafts of the personal statement and all supplemental essays

Providing coaching and practice for college interviews 

Answering any questions or concerns that the student or parent may have throughout the application process

Independent School or Homeschooling Consultation

K-12 School Consulting


Initial Meeting


For families considering making a change to their child’s education, we can discuss options and the application process for independent schools. For those interested in homeschooling, we can discuss the benefits of homeschooling, the resources available, and private homeschooling options. 

Follow-up Meeting

$95 - 30 Minutes



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