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Little conversations. Magical moments.

We founded SitterStream for those mini moments in your day where you could use a little help with your children. As a mom of 4, I have been there and I have used every resource.  We are here for you virtually and on demand.


Who will be with your kids?

We have amazing, kind and passionate babysitters who all have experience working with children. They are all verified through crosschq, attend online team trainings and WANT to be online having fun with your children!


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What we do

Each babysitter plans an age appropriate activity for your child. Whether it’s building a marshmallow tower, learning the sounds of the ABCs, working on your math facts or making dinosaur feet we create magical moments for your child!

It's this simple!

1. Book a session

2. Our team matches you with a sitter
3. We connect you on FaceTime or Zoom

The Magic Begins!!


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* Prices are per session and may include multiple children

Bookings require at least 1 hour lead time

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*individual session rates not included

Gold Membership 


*individual session rates not included

SchoolStream Rates

30 minute session - $16

60 minute session - $34

90 minute session - $52


Discounted Rates

Sitter Rates

30 minute session - $13

60 minute session - $20

90 minute session - $33


Preferred Sitter & Tutor Request!

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All bookings and payments are made with SitterStream. No exchange of funds with Sitters required

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