Meditation & Mindfulness Activities


Mindful Kids

with Kimmy Rossner

I started my journey of creating a more mindful life years ago. As a child and through my teen years, I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. Meditation is a tool that has helped me more than I could ever imagine. It has taught me to be aware of my emotions and feelings, while staying in the present moment. As I consistently practiced, I noticed my anxiety decrease, energy increase, and learned how to stay calm in stressful situations. My passion led me to becoming a certified meditation teacher and energy healer. I have always loved working with children, starting with babysitting at 13. I am a nurturing, caring soul and have always connected with children’s free spirit. Over the years, I have been pulled to combining both lines of work. I strive to help these children learn helpful tools while making our sessions a safe and fun space for them to smile and be themselves.

Our mindful sessions would include an age appropriate meditation as well as mindfulness activities. Working with the 5 senses - hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch - will play a significant role in our activities. Working with the senses help  children become aware of what they’re feeling in the present moment, as well as staying calm. I will be showing the children activities such as light stretching/ yoga, breathing exercises, as well as positive affirmations. Showing children these tools will help them stay calm in situations, improve their focus and concentration skills, and most of all confidence! My goal is for children to be comfortable with continuing their mindful practice outside of our sessions, on their own or with family members, cousins, or friends! I truly believe showing children the ways of mindfulness will help them throughout their lives, no matter what age! It is never too early or late to start!

 - Sessions - 

30 & 60 Minutes Sessions- Mindful Kids


Meditation (age appropriate) 

Positive affirmations

Mindfulness crafts and activities

Breathing exercises

Light yoga/ stretching