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1:1 virtual sessions to help guide your thoughts

Parent Coachig

Parent Coaching 

With Kate Garzón, M.Ed.,

Founder of Guided Parenting Support--GPS


 Parenting is a very personal journey and working with a parenting coach should be too. Kate guides and supports the parents of toddlers through teens by listening, asking targeted questions, and helping to make connections between the behaviors and situations that cause friction and frustration in your family life. Following her simple, five-step roadmap you'll work together to create and implement strategies that address YOUR priorities and align with YOUR family's values and goals. The collaboration is highly customized, entirely confidential, and keeps you in the driver's seat of your family with a compassionate and experienced "GPS" guiding your journey towards happier, easier, and more confident parenting. 

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Why members choose Parent Coaching

  • Understanding and preparing for your child’s current or next developmental stage: whether it’s early childhood, elementary, tween or adolescence

  • Establishing age-appropriate routines, expectations, and boundaries

  • Managing behavior and discipline (tantrums, sleep, toilet learning, etc)

  • Creating calmer, more peaceful and more cooperative daily interactions

  • Repairing parent-child relationships and building effective communication skills  

  • Bringing the whole family on board with household chores

  • Navigating adolescent social and emotional questions

  • Encouraging healthy device usage

  • Fostering positive sibling relationships

  • Supporting spouses or co-parents in "parenting on the same page"

      And much more!

Connect with Kate (Initial Consult)

30 Minutes - $100 

This private, 30 minute exploratory session is an opportunity for you to share your concerns and identify your family's goals and priorities; to learn more about Kate and her customized parent coaching process; and to discuss which package option will provide you with the most value

PC Session Packages

 Session Packages

This is where the good stuff happens! Based on the goals and priorities outlined in your 'Connect with Kate' call, she will guide you towards either a 5 or a 10 Session Package to ensure the best value for your needs. The consistency of weekly or biweekly sessions allows for the opportunity to really get to know you; to thoroughly identify and prioritize your parenting goals; to customize a roadmap for your family; and to gain momentum during the implementation process so you can feel more confidence, joy, and ease in your daily life. Each session is 60 minutes, via Zoom or phone, and includes a follow-up email with a summary of important points and action items. It also includes email access to Kate to ask questions between sessions

* Each session is 60 minutes, via Zoom or phone, and includes a follow-up email with a summary of important points and action items. Packages include email access to Kate to ask questions between sessions. 

  • 5 Pack

    5 Parent Coaching Sessions
  • 10 Pack

    10 Parent Coaching Sessions
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