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Parent Coaching 

with Kate Garzón

Kate Garzón is a parent coach and educator with over 30 years of experience working with other people's kids, including 18 years as a Montessori teacher for students aged 2.5-14. She is passionate about bringing more joy, ease, and confidence to family life and she considers parent education to be essential professional development for the most important job in the world. From toddlers to teens, her customized and practical approach guides parents as they raise responsible, compassionate, and fulfilled adults.

Guided Parenting Support--GPS offers a customized and multi-layered approach to parent education. We begin by asking targeted questions to understand your family's unique situation and offering practical, realistic strategies that can be implemented immediately to get you some "quick wins." Once we've made your day-to-day lives a little easier, we layer on parenting approaches and perspectives that will support your children's long-term success and increase the joy, ease, and confidence in your household. 


If you're ready to up your parenting game, take the first step by booking a private, 30-minute session on a pre-selected topic or choose a 60-minute general guidance session to dive into the issues that are most relevant for your family.

 - Sessions - 

15 Minutes - Connect with Kate


Never worked with a parent coach? Never even HEARD of a parent coach? You're not alone! Seeking guidance for parenting is a relatively new phenomenon, because parents have often been told that "As soon as you see that baby, your instincts will kick in and you'll just know what to do." Well guess's not true, and it's not fair either! Parenting is the hardest job in the world, and asking for support should be encouraged and applauded. So, YAY YOU for even reading this far! If you're curious about what we can accomplish together, schedule a 15 minute "Connect with Kate" session. Bring your curiosity and your open mind and let's connect!

30 Minutes - "Un-Resolutions"


Tired of setting unrealistic New Year's resolutions for parenting that leave you feeling defeated by January 2nd?  Has pandemic parenting wrung you out? Are you seeking hope and momentum to start 2021 off on the right foot with your family? If this feels familiar, then you need a New Year's Un-Resolution! During this 30-minute session we'll address your most pressing parenting goal, question, concern, or challenge and together we'll workshop manageable, realistic and focused strategies that will get you started on the road to success. Whether it's yelling, sibling rivalry, feeling more like a maid than a mom--you name it, we'll work on it! Start small to win big in 2021!

30 Minutes - Healthy Screen Time Habits


Too much screen time in your house? Wondering how to establish a healthy balance of device usage without yelling, nagging, or hiding the iPad? Age-appropriate strategies for raising responsible digital citizens who aren't glued to a screen.

30 Minutes - Increasing Cooperation and Flexibility


Is "No!" the favorite word in your house? Do meltdowns, door slams, or surly teenaged eyerolls accompany even the simplest request? Is it just easier to do it yourself than deal with the fallout? If this sounds familiar, there's good news! This session will get you started on the road to calmer, more cooperative day-to-day interactions AND lay the foundation for increasing your children's flexibility as they grow.

30 Minutes - Decreasing Interruptions


If working from home (or simply *being* at home) and trying to be productive feels like an impossible task, this session is for you! By addressing the three main reasons why children and teens interrupt we'll lay the foundation for greater independence for them, fewer interruptions for you, and happier, more respectful interactions for everyone!

30 Minutes - School Success 101


However and wherever your children are accessing school this year, the pandemic has taken a toll on motivation and productivity. This session will address your most pressing questions about supporting your kids' academic success and developing the long-term skills and attitudes they'll need to thrive in life.

60 Minutes - General Family Support & Guidance


Whether you're looking to address a specific concern, develop a parenting philosophy that will guide you as you raise your children, or simply take your parenting game to the next level--this is the place to start. Everything is on the table: from temper tantrums to adolescent attitudes; bedtime routines to new babies on the way; understanding age-appropriate behavior and expectations, and everything in between!