What people are saying about us!

The session was awesome!  I heard the kids laughing the whole time and I got a major thumbs up during the time. Afterwards they asked to do this again and requested Abby every time they use the service. 😊

I really appreciate you getting this set up so quickly.  Thank you!

I am honestly so impressed. Olly was shy with her at first, and then she warmed up and I was able to walk away completely. I came back a couple of times just to hand her a few supplies, but I didn't even really need to do that. I took lots of cute videos and photos, and I'd be happy to send them to you or post them somewhere. I honestly can't believe that she kept her attention and she had all these amazing tricks up her sleeves. I also was so touched by the fact that she went out of her way to find a video about Olly's favorite show, we hadn't even seen it before! She was totally mesmerized. The live feature was so critical because there were a couple of times when Olly dropped something on the floor and climbed down to get it, out of sight, and Melissa just said "hey Olly, come back to me girl!" and Olly followed her instructions!