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About us

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Stephanie Africk - Founder

Wow, what a past couple of years it has been. Full of deep breaths and endless changes. Before these uncertain times all began, I was hopping on my Peloton with my three-year-old daughter at my feet when I came up with the idea for SitterStream. If I could participate in a live on-demand workout, why couldn't I find virtual on-demand care for my kids? SitterStream was born from a need I saw as a mom of four. Fast forward to 2021 and I never thought that this idea would be thrust into the forefront of a societal shift in how we all live our lives.


As we head into the new hybrid work reality, we are thrilled to support individuals, parents and companies with our virtual, on-demand babysitting education and wellness services for children and adults. SitterStream has streamlined the process of finding reliable childcare for working parents on the job as well as at home. SitterStream’s safe, easy access to on-demand virtual services increases productivity and improves the lives of our members.


If SitterStream is just for you, great! If you are an employer, whether for retention, hiring, or supporting your current workforce, SitterStream will meet your growing need for virtual childcare and on-demand wellness services. I'm excited to introduce you to this new benefit and welcome you to connect with us and learn more.

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