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Birth Circle

A workshop for new moms with infants 0 - 6 months

Birth Circle

Krista Sullivan

Krista Sullivan, owner of Monumental Beginnings, is a birth & postpartum doula.  As a doula, Krista provides education and emotional support to help parents have more positive birth experiences and adjust to life with a newborn. 


Doulas are professionally trained to provide education, planning, and emotional support for  families during pregnancy, birth, and throughout the postpartum period. Studies show that doula involvement has tremendous benefits for the family including shortening the average time spent in labor, and lowering  one’s chance of medical interventions and cesarean birth. Families who partner with this type of support generally experience higher success rates breastfeeding, lower rates of perinatal mood complications, and report feeling more confident as they transition into a new family unit. 


Before starting her business in 2017, Krista taught in Boston Public Schools at the elementary level.  She holds bachelors degrees in Early Childhood Education and Women & Gender Studies, and has spent years as a caretaker and educator for families.



B.S. Early Childhood Education-Keene State College ’14

BA Women & Gender Studies -Keene State College ’14

Certified Birth Doula -Warm Welcome Birth Services ’16

Certified Postpartum Doula- Warm Welcome Birth Services ’17

Founder of Monumental Beginnings Doula Services 2017

Licensed Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher in MA & NH


Rarely in our culture is there an adequate and appropriate format for women to share their experience of

birth, and the identity shift into motherhood. The purpose of this birth circle is to allow an opportunity to share stories about your memories of birth in a protected, uplifting, and healing space. It is not designed as a therapy session, or a place to process trauma, however I am happy to refer afterwards if the need arises.

Rules for Birth Circle

1. Enrollment will be limited to provide an intimate setting, and allow for adequate attention to all members. Please plan to stay for the duration of the time to keep a peaceful space.

2. You will be given 10 minutes to share any information about your birth experience without judgement or interruptions.

3. You have the freedom to allow for questions or comments after you have shared.

4. Babies are welcome to attend, and breastfeeding is honored. Feel free to mute or turn off audio as

you feel comfortable.

5. The stories shared are personal, and should not be shared beyond this space without permission.


Wednesdays from 10am-12pm ET


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