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SitterStream 100

100 Companies. 100 Days.
10,000+ sessions donated
Committing to support the future of work

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SitterStream is launching an initiative to bring together companies and their HR leaders in one common voice of support for employees and the new hybrid work reality. The initiative called the 100 Challenge creates an opportunity for companies to pledge their commitment and reimagine the future of work. In doing so, they will help keep women in the workforce, engage working parents, improve the mental well-being of families, and transform their workplaces. Every family deserves access to affordable childcare, so for every company who joins, SitterStream will be donating 100 childcare and wellness sessions to Big Brothers Big Sisters and the families in our communities.

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SitterStream is offering 2022 for free to 100 companies that share our vision of supporting employees/parents and the future of work


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We are honored to partner with these 100 companies and in recognition of our unified voice, we will donate 10,000+ sessions to Big Bothers Big Sisters on their behalf

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Together we will support your employees, women in the workforce and the greater community by filling the child care gap. 

Join the companies embracing and fostering the new hybrid work reality. Let it be known that you support women, parents & families. 
AND help us give away 10,000 sessions to families in need!

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Beth Grous

Chief People Officer

"Tripadvisor is thrilled to partner with and join SitterStream’s ‘100 employers in 100 days’ initiative as we introduce SitterStream’s on-demand virtual babysitting, learning and wellness offerings to our global employee base. We are proud to add our voice to the ground swell of support for employees and the new work reality. As our work and home lives continue to blend, we are excited to offer these resources to our people, and to partner with an organization like SitterStream that is innovating in the care and wellness space.”

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“Childcare is not a family issue, it is a business issue.. It is up to businesses to think creatively about ways to build the childcare infrastructure we need to help working parents keep working for their families, and the economy as a whole.”

“For employers looking to attract and retain women, offering child care and additional relevant support is key. Employers should look across their policies and practices and ask themselves if they are truly committed to enhancing the role of women in the workforce. Our economy depends on it."

“Today, employers have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine the future of work and participate in rebuilding our economy in a way that is inclusive, equitable, and values women’s labor.


Join us and receive

Free access to SitterStream's On-demand virtual childcare & wellness for your entire company for 2022

100 free babysitting sessions donated in your company's name

A SitterStream 100 badge for display on websites, HR materials etc.

A shareable PDF to message your employees and new candidates

Learn more about SitterStream for business here


Stephanie Breedlove


"SitterStream fills a gap in the solution set needed for building a happy and healthy life. No one caregiver, or care center, or companion, or parent can do it all. Especially when life throws a curve ball."

We are giving away 10,000 babysitting sessions 

“We are so appreciative of SitterStream and their partners for donating these sessions to our families, making childcare and wellness accessible to everyone. We are also a partner in the 100 in 100 campaign and could not be more proud to be offering SitterStream to our employees and showing our commitment to supporting them in today’s modern work reality”

Mark O’Donnell, President & CEO 

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Stephanie Africk,
Founder of SitterStream

“We were inspired by theSkimm’s #ShowUsYourLeave initiative and by the hundreds of companies who publicly shared their paid family leave policies showcasing how they are supporting their own employees. SitterStream wants to take it a step further and help companies show their solidarity and support for women and parents in the workforce.  Hybrid work is here to stay and employees are looking for companies that recognize this new way of life and the needs that come with it . To remain competitive in this challenging landscape, we believe it’s critical to have care & wellness services like SitterStream for all employees. We want to help companies deliver on this.”

Join the Movement

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