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  • What is the booking process?​
    SitterStream has made this stress free and easy for you. Simply choose the session length you want, fill out the form, submit and pay. Once we receive your request, we personally match you with a babysitter or tutor. The babysitter/tutor will then reach out to you to confirm and introduce themselves to you.
  • How do you match a babysitter/tutor to a family?
    On our booking questionnaire, we ask you tell us a little bit about your child. The more detail you give us on the form, the better information we have to match you with your babysitter or tutor. When a sitter/tutor becomes a part of our team, we identify their strengths, experience and preferred age-group. All of the matching is done by people! We personally match each of our sitters/tutors to ensure the best fit.
  • Do I have to be home during the session?
    YES. An adult absolutely has to be home and within reasonable proximity of your child. That adult must also have their cell phone on and readily available and be reachable in the event the sitter
  • What is the age range for SitterStream?
    We suggest ages 3 and older. If your child is younger than this, we suggest you do a 30 minute trial with your child to see their level of engagement.
  • What are some examples of activities you offer?
    SitterStream provides and trains our babysitters and tutors with a wide-range of age-appropriate activities, including but not limited to crafts, music, educational activities and games. Examples include making magic wands with straws and tinfoil, paper bag puppets, decorating garden rocks, creating marshmallow towers, sing-alongs and dance parties, math facts and sight words. All activities are easy, and stress free for the parent and require little to no prep!
  • How does SitterStream vet the Sitters?
    This is one of the most important jobs we have. All of our sitters and tutors have worked with children and enjoy working with children. They have a wide array of occupational backgrounds. All sitters are first interviewed online and if we feel they are a good candidate, they are 100% verified and screened by Crosschq. Once a sitter is approved and added to our team, they are required to attend regular online team trainings to learn about new activity offerings and to share best practices.
  • Can I decide what activity I want the sitter to do with my child(ren)?
    All of our sessions are planned out by the babysitter. If there is a specific craft, activity you would like your child to do during the session you may email our team
  • What should I expect with my first session?
    Once your session is scheduled, whether it's the first session or the fifth session, the babysitter/tutor will reach out to you via text to introduce themselves ahead of time, confirm the date and time and explain what the session will entail. They will confirm if you are using Facetime or Zoom. The babysitter/tutor will create the Zoom link and send it to you along with a password. When your session begins, the babysitter will introduce themselves on screen, saying hello to the parent and child. At the end of the session, the sitter/tutor will wait for the parent to appear on the screen before saying goodbye and ending the video session.
  • How does this differ from a Zoom classroom?
    During your session, your babysitter will only be engaged with your child(ren), so they get their undivided attention for the entire 30 or 60 minutes.
  • What do the sessions cost?
    Babysitting prices are: $13 for 30 minutes, $20 for 60 minutes and $33 for 90 minutes. Tutoring prices are: $25 for 30 minutes, $45 for 60 minutes and $65 for 90 minutes. There is no additional charge for multiple children in the same location.
  • How do the sitters get paid?
    SitterStream pays the babysitter directly. There is no exchange of funds with the babysitter.
  • Can I request the same sitter/tutor?
    We do our best to honor requested sitters/tutors. If you’re using our service regularly, we will certainly try to ensure it’s the same sitter each time but please understand each babysitter's/tutor's schedule and availability may vary.
  • Any tips for a successful session?
    Please set your child up in a calm area where they can be and engage safely during the session. The babysitter will have the session planned out and ensure a smooth, and interactive experience.
  • What video chatting platforms do you use?
    FaceTime and Zoom.
  • Do you have resources for my child with special needs?
    We have many babysitters with various degrees that have worked in various fields and specialties. If you have a special needs child, please email us directly at and we can speak about what your needs are and match you with the appropriate specialist.
  • Do your sitters speak other languages?
    Currently we are offering sessions in English, Hebrew, German, French, Mandarin, American Sign Language, Russian and Spanish. We are always adding more multi-lingual staff to our team. Please let us know if you have a special request
  • What if my child wants to move around?
    Our babysitters are trained for any situation. Should your child want to move around that is ok. We have many safe activities that enable the child to safely play while moving around. We do freeze dance, simon says, shapes with our bodies etc. We know children like to move!
  • Do you charge for siblings?
    We do not charge extra for siblings in the same session! We have many families that have all siblings in a single session.
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