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1:1 Virtual Sessions with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Bridget Kelly, MA, BCBA, LBA

Bridget has worked with children with neurodevelopment disorders for over 14 years. Bridget describes her time with families and individuals as “soul work”. Her passion began in college at age 19 when she was recruited to work as an ABA tutor for a child with autism. It was love at first sight with his big personality and amazing spirit. Her desire to help children led her to work in both mental and behavioral health and obtain certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Bridget practices as a Licensed Behavior Analyst in the state of Tennessee. She holds a bachelor’s in psychology as well as a master’s in special education. Bridget has completed 2 years of post graduate work toward a Doctorate in Instruction and Curriculum Leadership.

As a parent herself, Bridget understands behavioral issues that can arise in families. All kids have behavioral challenges and a nonbiased third party can be invaluable in providing some insight, structure and accountability. Sometimes our bodies need a fitness coach, and other times we can use a behavior coach to help us learn and stay on track.

Bridget approaches training and consultation in a direct yet compassionate manner. She is empathetic of the stress and pressure we all feel as parents to juggle everything. In her approach, she views behavior as communication and strives to supply parents with concrete tools. Kids do not come with a handbook, but Bridget can listen to your situation and provide you with some concrete instructions as well as individualized visuals for making your parenting a life a little easier.

15 Minute - Connect with Bridget

In this 15 minute session the caregiver will have a chance to discuss current behavioral concerns and the developmental history of their child. Caregivers can talk about what methods and services they have and are currently utilizing. Suggestions for additional services will be provided.

* Deliverables: 1 page summary including suggestions for primary concerns.

60 minutes - Organization and Routine


Isn’t this what we all strive for? Kids thrive on structure and consistency. Having a plan for the day is vital to getting all the things done and running an efficient household. In this consultative training, your family will be given tools, literally! Your consultant will talk with your family about their day to day and then create individualized visuals to support your family in organization and routine. Chores, school work, leisure time, etc. Maybe it’s just the morning routine, or does your evening routine always go down the drain? Either way, or if it’s your whole day- our consultant can help!

Deliverables: 60 minutes of individualized planning; Visual schedule and Choice Board mailed. All materials are individualized. Written summary of tips on implementing a schedule. 

Option to request additional visuals via email up to 2 additional times (up to 1 page each request)

60 Minutes - Encouraging Compliance


We all have some “noncompliance” in us. Our environment and how we are approached in certain situations plays a huge role in our choice to be compliant, or to refuse. In this session you will learn tools to ensure you are setting the best stage for your child to say “Yes, I will” …most of the time. You will also receive a handout after the training to remind you of all the tools you learn.

* Deliverables: 60 minutes of individualized training on compliance; Emailed handout and Laminated handout mailed

60 Minutes - Increasing Leisure, Decreasing Whining


“I’m bored”… The dreaded whining. You have bought all the toys games, apps, and electronics. It works for a bit, but then you hear the whining again. This session will help to develop strategies to immediately handle this common issue.


Deliverables: 60 minutes of individualized training; Choice Board mailed.

Option to request additional visuals via email up to 2 additional times.

60 Minutes - Follow-Up Session


Continued support for any of the sessions above. 

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