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Meditation - Join a 20 minute mid day meditation to help you start your week. Release the pressures of the world and allow a new peace and security to be made manifest within you. Come discover how the meditation itself speaks to and addresses your present needs and desires. Bringing you new energy, insight and awareness that sets you free.


Office Tools - Learn tips and tricks that you need to help improve your spreadsheets and documents.




Learn To Play Chess: (ages 5+) Join an exciting 60 minute introduction to playing chess. 3-D Animation and a breaking down gameplay components. Engaging videos, puzzles and mini game scenarios will be shared. All skill levels welcome.


Coding Lessons: (ages 5+) Join a 60 minute session that will guide your coding journey. Professionally trained instructors will create curriculum to introduce you to the world of coding. All levels welcome.


Preschool: (ages 2-5 with adult nearby) Join a 30 minute age appropriate lead class with a certified teacher. Your child will engage in a safe, fun learning session which includes signing, movement, and educational content. Circle time that is child centered.


Graphic Design: (ages 6- adult) Join a 60 minute introduction class that will help guide your design journey. Lead by a certified instructor using adobe photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Instructor will email you materials needed for computer prior to session.


Math Class: (Grade 1-6) Join a 60 minute challenging yet inclusive math class. Fun and age appropriate. Teacher(s) will divide children up by grade into zoom rooms as needed  and share fun math problems and teach solving skills. 


Improv: (ages 6+) join a 60 minute session and explore the fundamentals of improv comedy, while also creating meaningful connections and expressing a range of emotions through use of puppets and props. Instructor will email you what you need for prop making when necessary ( simple props like paper and crayons).


Create with Courtney: (ages 5+)Join a 60 minute session full of art. Bring your paper and crayons/markers and follow along. This session has a theme and children will learn some facts about what they are drawing.

Acting FUNdamentals: (ages 6+) Join a 60 minute session filled with exploration and development of skills necessary to be an actor! 


Homework Help: (ages 7+) Come this 60 minute session with your homework questions! Children will have the opportunity to work alongside an instructor and have assistance in completing their homework. Teachers will create zoom rooms by age and each room will have a lead teacher to guide the students.


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