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SitterStream is a virtual, on-demand babysitting, tutoring, and wellness company


2020 opened up new opportunities for many employees to work hybrid and remote, but it also highlighted new ways employees need to be supported to make it viable. As we adjust to new schedules and the rebalance of work and life, SitterStream is here to support the needs of today’s workforce and help companies attract and retain the best talent.


Make the world’s  #1 on-demand childcare platform your newest employee benefit

We support your employees with:


On Demand
(within 60 minutes)
Virtual Babysitting, Education & Wellness

Reduces Stress
Improves productivity
Accommodates life's unexpected interruptions

How it works

  • Services available worldwide from 5am-11pm EST

  • Book anytime and with up to only 1 hour advance notice for sitters/tutors

  • All staff 100% verified, reference checked and 18+

  • No hassle searching for sitters/tutors, scheduling or negotiating payment

  • Babysitting, Tutoring, Coding, Art, Dance, Theatre, Voice, Pre-School, Cooking & more

  • For adults: Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Eldercare, Cooking, Parent coaching & more

  • Babysitting & Tutoring available in Spanish, French, Mandarin, Various Indian dialects, Japanese, Hebrew, American Sign Language, German & more

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Why Childcare?

I created SitterStream because, as a mom of four, I saw there was a gap in the childcare space. There were so many mini moments during the week when parents need an hour or two of help - cancelled sitters, sick days, snow days, late meetings, last-minute calls. There were no services that provided on-demand childcare in your home, right when you need it.  As the workplace has evolved, so have the needs of employees and working parents.”

Stephanie Africk,
Founder of SitterStream


Nationally, the cost of lost earnings, productivity, and revenue due to inadequate childcare resources 

Of working moms say that it is “very important” that their employers take a stand for mom-friendly public policy

Of surveyed employees believe that benefits for parents are disproportionately focused on parents of newborns, and not enough on parents of older children

Of working moms want access to back-up care benefits


57 Billion



“For employers looking to attract and retain women, offering child care and additional relevant support is key. Employers should look across their policies and practices and ask themselves if they are truly committed to enhancing the role of women in the workforce. Our economy depends on it."


“Childcare is not a family issue, it is a business issue.. It is up to businesses to think creatively about ways to build the childcare infrastructure we need to help working parents keep working for their families, and the economy as a whole.”

“Today, employers have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine the future of work and participate in rebuilding our economy in a way that is inclusive, equitable, and values women’s labor.


We are much more than childcare

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Adult Wellness

New Parent/Doula

Parent Coaching

Free Group Sessions

Some of our Partners

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'Employees have become used to fluidity and flexibility, and they’ll expect it going forward.Even as the pandemic wanes, SitterStream will still be available for parents. The goal is to meet employees where they are. The organizations that are going to get this right are the ones who listen, who really seek to understand, who experiment and see what’s going to work best for their workforce, and then who really adapt.”


Stephanie Franklin
Chief Human Resources Officer


"After decades of experience in the in-home care industry, both professionally and personally, I’ve learned that care is greatly enhanced when it is multi-dimensional. SitterStream fills a gap in the solution set needed for building a happy and healthy life. No one caregiver, or care center, or companion, or parent can do it all. Especially when life throws a curve ball. Activities and engagement for little ones when work demands extra; tutors with real skill and convenience when school is tough; extra companionship for parents as mobility becomes a challenge. So smart, so valuable.”

Stephanie Breedlove


"Tripadvisor is thrilled to partner with and join Sitterstream as we introduce their on-demand virtual babysitting, learning and wellness offerings to our global employee base. We are proud to add our voice to the groundswell of support for employees and the new work reality. As our work and home lives continue to blend, we are excited to offer these resources to our people, and to partner with an organization like Sitterstream that is innovating in the care and wellness space.”

Beth Grous
Chief People Officer

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Bring SitterStream to your company:

Our straightforward contract and proven launch strategy, plus marketing resources, make this solution easy to roll out. From contract signed, you can have employees using the services within one week. Plans are available for companies of all sizes - whether you have 20 employees or 20,000.

Plan Includes:

  • Free SitterStream accounts for your entire employee base

  • Access to childcare, wellness, and eldercare services

  • Unlimited free group sessions for all employees and their families

  • On Demand booking (within 1 hour)

  • Special member rates

  • Marketing materials for launch

  • Live employee town hall Q & A

  • Custom landing page

  • Live employee support

  • Annual reporting

Annual platform fee based on company size


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