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Reading & Writing Specialist

1:1 Virtual Sessions for K-8


Elyssa Mandel

Elyssa is a Special Education teacher. She specializes in Reading and Writing intervention for students grades K-8. Elyssa earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Vanderbilt’s Peabody School of Education. She has a Master’s Degree from Boston University’s School of Education in Elementary Education.


Elyssa is triple certified in Elementary Education, Special Education, and English as a Second Language. She is passionate about helping students feel more confident and independent in their reading and writing skills. She has over 10 years experience working with both neurotypical learners, as well as students with learning disabilities. She is trained in Orton Gillingham, as well as The Wilson Reading Program.


Elyssa makes learning reading and writing hands on and fun for all learners. Her method of teaching is engaging and kinesthetic. Elyssa looks forward to working with you and your children to help them grow as readers and writers!  

1:1 Sessions


Initial Consult

30 minutes


Elyssa will meet with you to discuss your specific concerns for your child. This is a great opportunity for Elyssa to learn about your child’s strengths, as well as their areas of challenge. By learning all of this, Elyssa can best craft an individualized plan for how to best support your child’s reading and writing needs.

Follow up sessions 

45 minutes - $125

1 hour - $145


Elyssa will meet one on one with your child during these sessions. She will work on meeting your child where he/ she is. Together, they will work towards improving phonemic awareness, letter- sound correspondence, blending, and segmenting. Elyssa will work on helping improve your child’s accuracy and fluency with his/ her reading. She will also work on sight word recognition and spelling. 


Sessions will include going over sounds your child already knows, as well as introducing new phonetic concepts. Each session will review previously taught concepts, as well as add on new phonetic concepts ( such as short vowels, long vowels, blends, digraphs, prefixes and suffixes). Each session we will also spend time reviewing sight words, as well as adding on one additional sight word. 


Elyssa will preview a schedule with your child before the session begins, and they will work to check off each job as they go. 


A sample schedule looks like this:


  1. Review sounds

  2. Introduce new sound- sh

  3. Read words with old sounds and sh 

  4. Write words ( Elyssa says a word aloud, and the student will write the word using his/ her sound knowledge)

  5. Review sight words 

  6. Introduce new sight word- your 

  7. Practice reading sentences 

  8. Write sentences

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