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Kids Yoga & Meditation

one on one, virtual sessions 


So what, exactly, is Pretzel Kids®?

  To kids, we’re fun, fun, fun! To parents and schools, we are the answer to helping children stay physically fit and deal more effectively with the pressures of academics and peers. We’re all that and more. Our proven curriculum and amazingly fun yoga program incorporates traditional yoga postures with imaginative yoga games and relaxation techniques. All told: children laugh, learn, exercise, breathe and relax. Let’s all say OM to that!

Some of the Instructors


Robyn Parets:  Hi everyone. I'm Robyn, founder of Boston-based Pretzel Kids® and a certified yoga instructor for almost 20 years. I'm also trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) from UMass, and most importantly, a mom to 3 boys. Pretzel Kids is one of the fastest-growing youth yoga and mindfulness brands in America, and I'm thrilled to bring our sessions and classes to your kids and teens as mindfulness and yoga has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress. The Pretzel Kids yoga & mindfulness curriculum was developed by educators and is now in place in schools, gyms, camps and more. 


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Andrea Raimey: Hi, I'm Andrea: I'm a certified Pretzel Kids instructor and I've been a social worker in clinical practice for the past 18 years. I understand the importance of the mind-body connection in general well-being and healing from life's challenges. I have been practicing yoga for the past 16 years and am very excited to be able to offer classes and sessions to children and adolescents as a Pretzel Kids teacher!

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Heidi Nechtman: I'm Heidi, a Pretzel Kids instructor, mom of 3, and an RYT 200-hr teacher. I specialize in adaptive yoga and I'm passionate about sharing yoga with those that may not have access to it, including kids. I teach littles, tweens, and teens mindfulness and yoga at their level — and with lots of fun. I hope their love for it will carry forward into adulthood. I can’t wait to bring the power, fun, and peacefulness of yoga to your kids!


Mikie Cooke: Hi, I’m Mikie, a mom of two teens. I'm a certified Pretzel Kids instructor, and I've been working in the health industry profession as a social worker, educator and consultant for 25 years. My classes and sessions offer creative and intentional themes that connect the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit. I aim to support and benefit each and every student. When not working or teaching yoga, I am spending quality time with my beautiful children, enjoying the sunshine or running. 


1:1 Pretzel Kids Yoga Session 

During these sessions, a Pretzel Kids instructor will work with each child, tween or teen to craft tailored age and developmentally appropriate yoga poses and pranayama (breathing) techniques to help each student destress, move, stretch, and breath. A welcome respite from a stressful day, our yoga sessions meet each child where they are while offering up takeaway tools to practice in-between each session.


Ages 5-17 yrs.  -  $50 (30 minutes)

Ages 10-17 yrs  - $60 (45 minutes)


1:1 Mindfulness Session

During this time of uncertainty, kids, tweens and teens may be struggling with anxiety. Mindfulness sessions with expert Pretzel Kids mindfulness instructors will offer meditation, breathing and other skills to help them learn skills to navigate daily stressors. And, of course, we make it fun! 


Ages 5-17 yrs.  -  $50 (30 minutes)

Ages 10-17 yrs  - $60 (45 minutes)

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