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1:1 virtual sessions for kids 4+


Pearl Goll

Pearl Goll began her music education at age five. Her group lessons served as a great foundation for a lifetime of learning and loving music. She then received private instruction for many years and attended UCLA for further music education. Pearl did obtain a B.A. degree in Political Science, with an emphasis on International Relations. As a pianist and violinist, she has performed in multiple events and competitions, in orchestras, and at church. 


Originally from Los Angeles, CA, she now lives in Nashville, TN where she maintains a private studio and conducts remote lessons. She enjoys seeing her students delight in achieving their music goals. Pearl is also a self-published author and founder of Shapelies Music.

Lessons for kids 4+ 

Pearl focuses on making sure her students understand the basics of playing the piano and violin. She believes that if students master the building blocks, they will thrive in their music education and journey in learning the piano or violin. Each lesson incorporates games to reinforce concepts. 

Ultimately, Pearl strives for excellence and making lessons fun for each student.


Parents are encouraged to sit in during their child's lessons and take notes. Children do well and learn faster when their parents cheer them on, are aware of what their child should be practicing each week and provide feedback and accountability for practicing. 

30 & 60 Minute Piano Class


Piano Materials:

1. Electronic Keyboard or Piano.

2. Notepad for homework.

3. Parents can speak with me directly about books because it can vary between each person.

30 & 60 Minute Violin Class


Violin Materials:

1. Violin - Must be the appropriate size for their age.

2. Violin Bow

3. Rosin, Violin Tapes, Extra Violin Strings

4. Shoulder Rest - must fit the size of their violin 

5. Music Stand

6. Parents can speak with me directly about books because it can vary between each person.

7. Notepad for homework

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