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1:1 Virtual Sessions  For Adults & Kids



Molly’s approach to wellness is inclusive, accessible, and deeply effective. In the Fall of 2016, Molly spent months studying meditation and yogic philosophy in rural Bali, Indonesia. During her 500 Hour Teacher Training, she studied the physiology and neuroscience behind the ancient practices of yoga and meditation. Through her intensive training, Molly deepened her passion for exercise science and healing movement.


Over the past few years, Molly has practiced and taught across the globe. Most recently, she enjoys teaching corporate wellness, yoga,  meditation, and nutrition workshops.



Amanda is a certified yoga teacher and wellness coach. With the intention to create more accessibility and relatability towards a spiritual practice, she approaches her own practice with an eagerness to learn and share. Through intuitive guided meditation and hatha style yoga, she opens a space to explore without judgement, to ask questions and hold a space for your internal self to answer, and encourages conversation around the process. 


Amanda delivers a grounded and calm presence while invoking passion and curiosity within the work done together. Through her own journey she has learned what it means to trust the process and she wants to encourage that within you. Her promise is to invite compassion into each interaction and to support you along the way every time you meet.

Molly's Offerings

30, 45 & 60 Minute 1:1 Sessions


Book a private yoga experience to meet your individual needs. Whether your goal is to increase flexibility, release stress, or build strength, Molly’s private sessions deliver a personalized and effective yoga experience.​


Choose from: Gentle, Vinyasa, Power, Restorative, or Yoga Sculpt

YOGA FOR TWEEN/TEENS! (30/60 Minutes)


Yoga and mindfulness is beneficial for all ages! Join Molly Pelletier, 500-RYT, for an enjoyable and accessible yoga practice. This is a perfect class for beginners looking to de-stress, release muscle tension, and have FUN! Molly’s teaching style is welcoming and accessible, perfect for tweens/teens. All you’ll need is a mat or towel and some space to move.

45 Min Morning Alignment 1:1 Sessions


A 45 min slower vinyasa flow where you will be invited to truly ground into your body and emotions at the start of your day. Each class is curated to create an understanding that the physical, emotional, and energetic experience we have is interconnected. Using dynamic stretches and slowed down flows to invite you onto your mat and into your day.

50 Minute 1:1 Yoga + Meditation Hybrid


This session is for those interested in combining their practices powerfully into one. With 30 minutes of flow time to release tension in our bodies, get moving, and allow our bodies to speak to us. We then close the practice with 20 minutes of meditation to integrate the entire experience.

Amanda's Offerings

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