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Small Businesses

Designed For The Evolving Workforce

Plans For Companies Up To 1000 Employees



Stay Competetive

Support, retain and attract the best talent with one platform 

The job market is more competitive than ever and employees expect perks that are relevant to how they work and live today. Our Small Business plan is designed specifically for companies with under 1000 employees, providing one platform at one flat rate for childcare and wellness services that may previously have been out of reach. Our On Demand, 1:1 Virtual Babysitting & Wellness services fit lifestyles whether working hybrid, remote or in-person. This plan is an affordable and sensible option that provides ALL of your employees with a full suite of services helping you to attract and retain the best talent and reward your team.

We support your employees with:

On Demand
(within 60 minutes)
Virtual Babysitting, Education & Wellness


Reduces stress
Improves productivity
Accommodates life's unexpected interruptions

How it works

  • Services available worldwide from 5am-11pm EST

  • Book anytime and with up to only 1 hour advance notice for sitters/tutors

  • All staff 100% verified, reference checked and 18+

  • No hassle searching for sitters/tutors, scheduling or negotiating payment

  • Babysitting, Tutoring, Coding, Art, Dance, Theatre, Voice, Pre-School, Cooking & more

  • For adults: Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Eldercare, Cooking, Parent coaching & more

  • Babysitting & Tutoring available in Spanish, French, Mandarin, Various Indian dialects, Japanese, Hebrew, American Sign Language, German & more

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We are much more than childcare

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Adult Wellness

New Parent/Doula

Parent Coaching

Free Group Sessions

Bring SitterStream to your company:

Our straightforward contract and proven launch strategy, plus marketing resources, make this solution easy to roll out. From contract signed, you can have employees using the services within one week. Plans are available for companies of all sizes - whether you have 20 employees or 20,000.

Plan Includes:

  • Free SitterStream accounts for your entire employee base

  • Access to childcare, wellness, and eldercare services

  • Unlimited free group sessions for all employees and their families

  • On Demand booking (within 1 hour)

  • Special member rates

  • Marketing materials for launch

  • Live employee town hall Q & A

  • Custom landing page

  • Live employee support

  • Annual reporting

Company Size

0 - 50


50 - 250


250 - 500


500 - 1000


1000 or more


Platform Fee (Year Term)

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