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A safe place where your child can connect, create and learn

Virtual Preschool - 1:1 sessions

30 Minutes - $25

60 Minutes - $45


Ms. Christina

Christina is a fun and loving early childhood educator with an extensive background in vocal music and more recently, Montessori. She has had 7+ years of professional voice training in Performing Arts schools and continues to sing to this day. Her teaching career in early childhood education organically came about after her vocal studies, where she then discovered her passion and appreciation for children and their infinite potential to be extraordinary. She has found much joy and fulfillment in being able to teach young children and knows how much the little ones learn and develop through song and repetition

During her sessions, she will be conducting a circle time that is child-centered, musically motivated and academically themed. Children will walk away with new songs and sounds, concepts for learning and a desire to connect with their world through music.


Ms. Tyra

Hello! My name is Tyra and I have been in education for a total of 8 years now. This experience includes teaching, interning, volunteering, babysitting, and recently added to it is nannying. Being an educator for children has been a passion for me and in the works is fusing that passion with research!

Interactive read-aloud: I would choose a book to read aloud to the child. Before the session, I would select a certain number of vocabulary to focus on and describe during the reading. Throughout the read-aloud, I would ask questions about plot, setting, characters, conflict, etc. I then would do an activity to match the theme or play a game. Music & Movement: Dance/workout sessions with music from a specific genre. Yoga flows and/or specific yoga exercises that align with the season. 


30 Minutes - $25

60 Minutes - $45

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