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1:1 Adult & Kids Cooking Classes 



Hi! I’m Vanessa, and it’s my mission to help people gain confidence and have fun in the kitchen. I’ve been an avid cook and eater my whole life, and I love sharing my enthusiasm and the bits of wisdom I’ve picked up along the way. After receiving my culinary training at Boston University, I led the recipe development and culinary marketing team at SharkNinja, and have consulted for brands including Cusinart and America’s Test Kitchen. As a writer for Apartment Therapy, Bustle, and the Kitchn, I guide home cooks as they shop for kitchen gadgets and cookware - much of which I’ve tested or own! My teaching style is relaxed and approachable, and I enjoy giving students the tools they need to whip up a great meal with minimal effort, plus a few time-saving tricks.  I look forward to cooking with you!

1:1 Sessions

1. Weeknight Dinner: Roasted Salmon and Root Vegetable Salad With Cider Dressing And Herbed Couscous

60 Minutes/$135

for adults

 This meal comes together without having to dirty too many pieces of cookware. Hearty root vegetables and salmon roast on the same pan, while the couscous only requires boiling water and stirring. The cider dressing gets mixed in a lidded jar. This is a very versatile salad that works with whatever starchy, dense vegetables or hearty greens you have on hand.

Ingredients needed

2. Cooking Together: Sheet Pan Pizza And Chopped Salad

60 Minutes/$135

for adults


In this class you’ll learn how to turn a one-pound bag of store-bought pizza dough into a sheet pan pizza. We’ll make an easy tomato sauce from scratch and a chopped salad to serve on the side. Once you master the stretching and baking technique, you’ll be able to make great pizzas and top them however you like!

Ingredients needed

4. Kids: S’mores Bars

30 Minutes/$60

for kids


These bars are gooey and rich, and much easier to eat than regular S’mores! This recipe is appropriate for kids who are comfortable using the microwave and the oven, or for any age with adult supervision.

Ingredients needed

3. Custom One-Hour Session

60 Minutes/$150

for adults


This custom, one-hour session is a bit of a hybrid between a coaching and cooking class, and a chance to ask Vanessa your questions about cooking techniques, ingredient prep, recipes, kitchen organization - you name it! The goal is to leave you feeling more comfortable in your kitchen and excited to cook. Ideas include:


Quick recipes you can throw together with what you have in your pantry/fridge/freezer. The best way to prepare basic protein (chicken breasts, salmon) for healthy weekday lunches. How to store leftovers, and how to repurpose them. How to stock your pantry and fridge for cooking on the fly. 

** Please submit your topic of interest on booking form several days in advance to allow for any necessary ingredient purchases.  **

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