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Nutrition & Mental Health Workshop
Nutrition & Mental Health Workshop
May 19, 2022, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

The beginning of a new year is an excellent time for us all to start thinking about ways to refresh our wellness routines and lifestyle habits. Making mindful, micro-changes can lead to significant shifts in our overall health and wellbeing. Need help thinking beyond just New Year’s resolutions? Join us April 4-8th as we share some wonderful ideas on how you can kick off Spring in the right direction.

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Hormone Health

Erin Kenney: Licensed, registered dietitian, MS, RD, LDN, HCP

Join us for a discussion on how to achieve optimal hormone balance. Erin will be sharing diet and lifestyle changes you can make to balance blood sugar & support your hormones.


Mom Pressure

Jamie Seidner: MS, RD, LDN

We all feel it. The expectations from our families, the comparison to other moms, the perfectly filtered MOMbots on social media, how can we possibly keep up? We shouldn’t.


During this workshop you will learn:


1. The top 4 places that MOM Pressure originates and how it affects how we feed our kids.


2. Strategies to distinguish between actual pressure and perceived pressure.


3. Tips on paving your own path of MOMhood and feeding your children with confidence.


Sound Bath & Meditation

Mandy Goldman: Certified level 2 Reiki & Sound Healer

Sound healing offers relief from anxiety, stress, pain, and trauma.


Spring Fashion: In office & on Zoom

Brooke Garber & Stephanie Nist: Boutique Owners & Fashionistas

LIVE From Shop Mint Julep

fashion influencers Brooke Garber and Stephanie Nist will share how to dress for in office and zoom for the Spring.

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Beauty with Shamona

Shamona Small

Spring is a time for renewal, and whether you’re a product junkie or a barely splash water on your face baddie, we all need a beauty refresh. During this session, we’ll guide you through a simple and effective skin care routine or spring makeup look to give your skin a healthy glow. You’ll receive product recommendations based on skin type along with detailed steps on how to create your own simplified routine at home.

How it works


1. Purchase your Wellness Week Package


2. Within a few days you will receive your unique Zoom link which will provide access to all 6 workshops throughout the week. 

3. Workshops will be held on Zoom each day at 12pm ET 

For questions about the program or general inquiries please contact

(All events included)

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